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A Little About Lori


Lori teaches balanced hatha flow sequences and basic stretch classes to adults at a variety of levels, as well as developmental movement techniques for babies and parents. During each lesson, her goal is to assist others in finding their way into happy, healthy bodies.

Lori's personal body exploration consists of ashtanga, yin, and paddleboard yoga, along with hand balancing, flexibility training, ballet-style conditioning, and risley acrobatics. As a child she loved gymnastics, and enjoyed diving in high school.

Yoga reunited Lori with a childhood experience — a passion for truly living in her body. In 2008, she became a Certified Yoga Instructor and immediately began teaching. The next year, sparks flew when she was introduced to acroyoga, which lead to her immersion in circus style acrobatics. Through a newfound connection with circus arts, Lori found roots in sharing the importance of finding true joy in physical activity, for adults and children alike. In 2011, she expanded her excitement for developmental movement and the need for physical playtime by becoming a certified Itsy Bitsy Baby Yoga Instructor. In 2012, Lori discovered two more activities that lit up her life: standup paddleboarding, and a unique format of ballet-style conditioning. That summer she began teaching standup paddleboard lessons, as well as yoga classes on the boards. And by winter she became a certified Pure Barre instructor. Lori's a self-proclaimed body nerd and loves to talk shop.

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