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Seeking Body Awareness...

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In addition to providing private yoga instruction and yoga classes for adults in and around Seattle, Lori teaches Baby and Toddler Yoga as well as being an advanced level trainer at Pure Barre.

New moms and dads can find fresh ways to play with their newborn, infant, baby, or toddler during Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes in Seattle. Different from other toddler and infant yoga classes, where parents primarily practice yoga in the company of baby, our baby yoga classes allow parents to guide their children through yoga-inspired song and play.

Yoga for newborns and infants focuses more on helping new sprouts discover their bodies while developing core strength needed for crawling and eventually walking. As babies begin to grow in size and energy, yoga for toddlers meets their need to explore their physical abilities, like jumping, clapping, and other unique movements not yet discovered.

Yoga classes for babies, like parent meet-ups in Seattle, are an ideal way to connect with other new parents. We're building a strong community of families who are interested in finding developmentally rich things to do with infants, babies, and toddlers.